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      Consulting company Bureau of Certification was founded in 2007, the main activity of it is the certification of products. The company is actively working to strengthen partnerships with leading domestic and foreign enterprises. For four years more than 300 customers have appreciated the efficiency and quality of work performance, competence and high level of professionalism of staff of this company. During this period we got more than 5,000 permits.

     In 2009, the Bureau of Certification "actively engaged in the expansion of the geography of cooperation, starting to work notonly with foreign representatives of companies-importers, but alsowith foreign producers directly. In 2011 our company startedcooperation with the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and became the member of it. Experience with the most reliable certificationorganisations and testing laboratories of Ukraine allow to obtain the required certificate to a wide group of goods as quickly as possible, and to find the most cost-effective solution for our customers.

       We are always ready for partnership! 




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