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Getting of permissions and conclusions of Ministry of Environment, Ukrchastotnahliad (Ukrainian frequencies control), SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) etc.

       Conclusions Ministry of Environment (ozone depleting substances)
      According to the the Resolution of the Cabinet of  Ministers of Ukraine dated  27.12.2008 № 1123 conducted the analysis procedure and issued a document, which indicateswhether a given production is licensed or not.

       State expertise of Energy Saving
      State expertise for energy saving means a complex of activities to establish compliance with energy-intensive materials, technology and engineering standards, codes and norms of energy saving established by the legislation of Ukraine. Final the state expertise of compliance with an object regulations on energy efficiency is the basis for customs clearance.

      Permission for import of radio-electronic tools
      Normative documents, under which the permit is issued: "The Law of Ukraine on the radioresource. The list of codes to which Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies issues sthe documents required for customs control and customs clearance of goods:
8470100030, 84713000, 847150, 847160, 84718000, 8517110000, 8517210000,851810, 851830, 852510, 852520, 8525209100, 852540, 852610, 852691, 852692,8528129100, 8529901000, 85299040, 8529904010, 853110, 8531908000.

      Resolution Security Service of  Ukraine
      Control of SSU of special technical equipment is regulated by a letter from Department of Organization of Customs Control and regulates the movement of the special equipment for removing information from the channels of communication, other tools secret information across the customs border.

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