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Сertification of products in UkrSEPRO

      Сертификация УКРСЕПРОCertification UkrSEPRO - is a system to certify the quality of goods and services in Ukraine. Certificate UKRSEPRO - an analogue of an international  certificate  of  ISO  9000  and  is officially  approved  by  the  indicator  of  quality  in  our  country.  Certification  -  a  procedure  aimed  at  confirming  compliance  with  certain  products  and  services  quality  standards.

     Certification schemes:

Certification of individual products - in this scheme of certification testing of the product conducted according to standard documents and you can receive a certificate with validity - 1 year.

Party certification - in this scheme of certification, when products that  manufactured for a certain period of time, or imported into Ukraine on one invoice, is being tested according to the order of the certification organization. If  tests are positive, issued the certificate with valid  1 year with the  notation of quantity of products. If  products were produced in the CIS countries, their certificates can be considered.

Serial certification of products - with this scheme of certification tests are those models which are defined by the certification body on the basis of submitteddocumentation (description, sphere of use, technical characteristics of the models, etc.).If production corresponds to standards, receive a certificate for 1 year and conclud the license agreement. Also conducted engineering supervision, through the control tests of production samples at intervals, in the volume and in the order established by the certification organization.

The serial product certification with inspection of manufacture - this scheme is similar to the stated above and the certificate can be issued term to 2 years, also conducted control tests and inspection of production.

Certification of serial production with the attestation of manufacture - this form provides for the certification of manufacture according to DSTU 3414-96 System UkrSEPRO. When conducting a positive test and getting manufacture attestate you can get a certificatehas for a period of  3 years.

Certification of serial production with the assessment of the quality system - quality management system or assessment in accordance with its DSTU 3419-96. The certificate is issued for a period of 5 years.

      Solutions, explains about certification
      Centre of certification or certificatiob organization which is accredited (Accreditation System in Ukraine), except for certification of work provides for extradition: 
- Formal responses (letters of exemption) with respect to certification, which is not contained in the list of goods compulsory certification; 
- Solutions (in specified cases) regarding certification of products in UKRSEPRO system, which are subject to mandatory control under orders Derzhspozhyvstandard of Ukraine № 28 of February 01, 2005., Statements to the order № 6 of 29.01.2007g., Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 446 of 14.05. 2008.


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